Crisis and Turnaround during COVID-19: How does the digital marketing industry make good use of Martech?

Crisis and Turnaround during COVID-19:  How does the digital marketing industry make good use of Martech?

A meme posted on Twitter questions “Who drives your digital transformation?” I guess that the management of many enterprises would not help but give a knowing smile, when they see Option C “COVID-19.” COVID-19 not only changes the lifestyle of you and me, but also poses considerable impact to the digital marketing industry.  Now, please follow Ainotam to get a picture about how to apply Martech to deal with the situation and speed up the digital transformation!

The epidemic outbreak drives the need for Work From Home (WFH) and also facilitates the need for the application of Martech.

According to the report released by Deloitte, 22% of enterprises indicated that the epidemic outbreaks resulted in the declination of sales and cash flow tension.  Meanwhile, according to the data provided by WFA, more than 57% of the customers interviewed by it revealed that they had cut the advertising budget significantly or slightly and deferred many advertising campaigns at the same time.

For the media and advertising operation teams, how to maintain the same work efficiency and results with the limited resources available under the current situation is the key to facilitate the need for Martech tools. The recent hot topics inquired most frequently in the marketing industry include Work From Home (WFH), which boosted the drastic increase in discussions about strength and weakness of various suppliers’ video software, and the cloud platforms that may be shared, coordinated and managed by the team, such as G Suite and Workplace, etc.

Why adopting Martech during the outbreak?

The various brands’ budget and demand might decline during the epidemic outbreaks.  The digital advertising teams may take the chance to try implementing Martech tools and practice how to transform to a new work model, adjust the teams’ pace, and also reserve the momentum prepared for operations after the epidemic outbreaks are mitigated.

Implementation of Martech solutions may help overcome the trouble in remote operations and management.  For example, the visualized management platform may help get a whole picture of the ad serving KPI.  After the epidemic outbreaks are controlled, most advertisers will escalate their marketing budget and thereby cause the exposure competition to be more intensive.  Then, the digital marketing teams will have to respond to the adaptability and flexibility of the market demand more rapidly, with respect to the human resource management and allocation.

In order to maintain the operating performance, for the access to video and cloud tools, as well as the iteration of enterprise cultures, the digital marketing teams need to identify the transformation caused by the epidemic outbreaks as the chance to help partners’ growth, in order to seek the strength critical to success after the epidemic outbreaks are mitigated.

Optimize manpower utilization and accelerate business development

In terms of the job contents and procedures, workers engaged in digital marketing and advertising are like those working on a production line, as the job contents cover copywriting, operation of accounts and optimization of performance results.  It needs to take about three years in training a rookie to become a senior AM (account manager) able to participate in strategic planning.  Notwithstanding, in consideration of the frequent changes in organization in the marketing and advertising industry and the intensive competition in the human resource market, the management also needs to deal with the challenge in training and retaining talents.

If the management are able to release the teams’ manpower from troublesome routine jobs, the teams may have more time to develop their expertise in digital marketing.  Martech can help strengthen the strategic planning of advertisement and precision of suggestions, thereby upgrading customers’ satisfaction.  Under the virtuous cycle, the teams may receive a greater sense of accomplishment and the business value will be amplified more.

AI enables data! Three major functions of Loupe to upgrade operating performance

The three major functions provided by Loupe can help the marketing industry teams solve the “pain points” in operations.

Dashboard: Visualized cross-platform data

Loupe links the advertising data on the cross-platforms, such as Google Ads and Facebook, to help the access to the performance of all advertisements in a visualized manner, thereby making the performance management more precise and rapid.

AI Recommendation: Accelerate determination of key strategies

Loupe provides the real-time cross-industry advertising strategies, extracts the data accumulated from the previous ad serving, and reproduces the successful advertising model to make strategy formulation no longer need to start from zero.

Alerting: Automatic altering of abnormal spending or campaign operation

24-hour monitoring report, including abnormal spending, abnormal debit notes, rejection of ad serving, and abnormality in CPC/CPA, and automated workflows may help save a lot of time, which then may be spent in verifying customers’ needs and upgrading the communication services for customers’ satisfaction.

The improving Martech development drives emerging products and services.  If a company’s decision makers are evaluating which Martech tool should be adopted, we suggest that they should verify the pain points of their operations at first and count or accumulate their own data assets to transform the crisis into a chance.

We hope that the epidemic outbreaks may be mitigated soon, and various walks of life may return back to the normal life again.  Now it is also the perfect time for the digital marketing teams to rearrange their paces and reserve energy.  Ainotam is ready to work with you to deal with any situation.  Please feel free to contact us.