Ainotam released MarTech product LOUPE, first keywords operating tool driven by AI technology in the industry.

Drive Advertisement Data Efficiency With AI Technology

Can AI technology really replace humans? Can you actually buy more time with AI technology? Ainotam general manager Zong Sih Chen extends his talents from the Advertising industry to “Martech”, marketing and technology management. He was invited as a speaker to participate Martech Partner Demo Day held by Google and IAA. In the conference, he shared about the resolution model of keyword advertising accelerator. According to a research by DMA, the outlay of the Taiwanese general media platform for digital advertising in 2018 is 24.3 billion. In which, keyword advertising takes up the largest part, up to 40 percent (9.5 billion). This is also the most urgent case which brand owners and agencies wish to optimize. Figuring out ways to accelerate advertising operation efficiency and forming strategies based on data analysis are now the main focuses for anyone in the industry.

In the conference, Ainotam general manager Zong Sih Chen pointed out the two challenges that advertisers and dealers are facing in the optimization of digital ad operations: How to optimize digital ads operations under the challenge of high turnover rates and exploding workload. Ainotam utilizes the professional machine learning technology from its parent company and further released a keywords operating accelerator, LOUPE. It is the first keywords operating tool driven by AI technology in the industry, which includes 3 main features, “customized dashboards”, “digital ads operations strategy consulting”, and “AI monitoring”. This further supports the digital advertising industry in better using their data assets, helping people take greater control of their hours from the daily heavy workload.

“The top two core values of CloudMile are Cloud computing and AI Technology. We discovered the huge end-to-end demands of advertising data analysis when handling customers’ data through cloud computing in the industry. From this discovery, we hope to create a Niche through concatenating ads and applying Cloud technology. Furthermore, we want to include CloudMile’s machine learning infrastructure to help our customers optimize their business model.” Says CloudMile CEO slash Ainotam Chairman, Mr. Yong Sin Liu. Ainotam’s database now covers more than 20 industries. The company plans to release graphical and media advertising resolutions in the first quarter this year in order to perfect the digital ads operations resolution. Google Analytics related features will soon be released in the second quarter this as well. This is expected as a real shot in the arms for digital ads operations optimization.

Ainotam General Manager Jason talked about the keywords operating accelerator, LOUPE, for the first time ever at the Google MarTech Partner Demo Day event.

First AI Keywords Operating Accelerator in the Industry
3 Main Product Features: Customized Dashboards, Digital Ads Operations Strategy Consulting, and AI Monitoring

We are able to generate graphical reports and offer accounts real-time alerts in any abnormal changes by combining the data within Google Ad Account and LOUPE. In addition, we can analyze the past advertising data that performed the best with our machine learning infrastructure to swiftly generate word blocks, titles and contents. These are the key elements to great keywords operations strategies, and can boost the entire processing speed. “Compared to past cases where it takes 1 to 2 working days to produce a keywords advertising proposal, we are now capable of providing one in 1 hour with the help of LOUPE. For businesses and employees that require constant updates of word blocks and contents to optimize their ad performances, this is big news! Our goal is to help businesses focus on developing strategies and handling core assignments, overall elevating contributions and values.”

If we look at agencies for, the turnover rate lands on 30 to 40 percent, and It usually takes an average of 6 months for a newbie in ads operation to gain independence. Moreover, the daily analysis of a massive volume of data for continuous adjustments and optimizations regarding the contents can really be a huge burden for the employees. The more data accumulated, the heavier the workload for your employees and can even lead to longer working hours. By implementing LOUPE in to your daily processes, companies would be able to cut down 20% of working hours, ultimately saving more than 420 hours a year. To put that into numbers, companies could gain an extra 25 million in budget for your operation. To conclude, agencies can make the most out of their human resource and strive for a lasting growth in profits.

LOUPE can help upgrade the performances of keyword advertising for agencies without any hassle. What’s more, one of the core values of LOUPE is the speedy link to your digital assets, enabling teams to share their insights in data analysis. We found a common issue for many companies from our past experience, companies often find it challenging to sync information and experiences between teams. Since the birth of LOUPE, teams are now allowed to exchange the contents and results of their ad operations, transforming data into concrete guidance in strategies and valuable information instead of plain numbers. Additionally, LOUPE is set to release more smart features in the hopes of a smooth concatenation of media and web information. This is to help agencies and brand owners better examine their ad operation performances as well as consumers’ experiences and shopping behaviors on websites. The transparency and performance of every penny spent on your digital ads operation can never be clearer!