CloudMile AI helps enterprises seize post-epidemic opportunities!

In the Ads idea copywriting creative library, enter the keyword or URL and all ad copies will appear, grasping market dynamics in an instant

Asia’s first keyword advertising copywriting public opinion system
Saves enterprises 33% in advertising costs
3 seconds copy generation and 24-hour AI monitoring
Extremely easy DIY corporate advertising

(August 5, 2020 Taipei) Digital transformation in the post-epidemic era has become a popular concept. IDC estimates that by the end of 2021, 47.8% of small/medium businesses in Taiwan will undergo a digital transformation; Gartner also estimates that 60% of digital business enterprises will adopt AI technology to perform the digital transformation in 2020.

CloudMile, which uses AI technology to help enterprises achieve digital transformation, announced today (5th) Asia’s first keyword digital advertising copywriting public opinion system ADsvantage (advertising think tank), providing corporate advertisers and e-commerce platforms with over a million Ads ideas and AI smart monitoring tools; an advertisement copy can be generated in an average of 3 seconds. It is now available for trial and is estimated to save at least 33% in advertising costs for enterprises each month.

ADsvantage takes care of advertisement copywriting and effectiveness monitoring all at once

When the global industrial economy was bogged down in the mud during the COVID-19 outbreak, CloudMile saw the urgent demands of customers for digital transformation and the use of MarTech (Marketing Technology) to promote products, hoping to use AI technology to shorten the pre-planning time for advertising, coming up with keywords, copywriting and advertising settings. In addition, these companies also require cross-group communication, a timeline for finding resources for assistance and help making it through this difficult time together.

The ADsvantage advertisement think tank is a one-stop advertising operation platform solution specifically for satisfying customers’ post-epidemic marketing needs; it collected over a million Ads idea from professional bits of knowledge in over 20 industries and over 500 thousand copies that can help enterprises capture the essence of copywriting from hundreds of creative experts within 3 seconds.

Automatic copy generation tool that helps marketing personnel automatically generate a new copy within 3 seconds

Digitizing the resources generated during the advertising process and automating processes using AI technology not only saves time for recreating copies and inventorying resources, but AI can also monitor platform data 24 hours a day and provide warning notification functions when abnormal behavior occurs, such as changes in advertising costs and ad disapproval, etc. This allows marketing personnel to confirm in real-time and make adjustments including advertising channels and target group copywriting modifications and other information to improve the effectiveness of advertising.

In addition, ADsvantage provides an exclusive Prediction Score (target and effectiveness estimation) service that estimates advertisement clicks through SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) of Google keyword advertisement, the level of competitiveness of keywords and the keyword search volume, and then converts it into PERF Score (Performance Score) for effectiveness evaluation. Even small/medium enterprise users with no advertising or marketing experience can gain decades of experience from predecessors through ADsvantage to accelerate the speed in finding the most effective advertising strategy and shorten the timeline of product marketing, increasing conversion rate, and return on investment (ROI). 

24-hour AI monitoring platform that provides warning notifications for abnormal behaviors such as changes in advertising costs and disapproved ads, grasping advertising effectiveness in real-time

“The three major challenges that companies face when it comes to advertising operations and management are high turnover of advertising creatives, large amounts of time consumed for copywriting and operating procedures, and advertising performance results not as good as expected,” the founder and CEO of CloudMile Spencer Liu said. “CloudMile uses Google Cloud, machine-learning, and AI big data analysis technology to help companies implement digital transformation.

The ADsvantage (advertising think tank) that was developed during the epidemic digitized traditional commercial advertising operation models using our professional experiences in serving over 330 customers in Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong to provide corporate advertisers with a one-stop management solution with Google Ads advertising copywriting, placement and advertising, public opinion monitoring, etc., which can shorten the advertising timeline and improve the effectiveness of the ads.”

CloudMile focuses on using AI to bring data intelligence and help customers achieve better business growth. ADsvantage (advertising think tank) is now available for trial, allowing corporate customers to experience the easy generation of keyword advertising copies and manage advertising and marketing activities immediately, and allowing advertising workflow to be automated.

Also, it allows advertising data to be fully utilized with the comprehensive help of an AI smart assistant and makes strategies, creativities, copywriting, effectiveness analysis and interpretations to be more thoughtful and comprehensive. This helps enterprises in Taiwan to quickly grasp market dynamics and effectively shorten the time for advertising copywriting, strive for the timeliness of product publicity exposure, maximum corporate publicity benefits, and implement digital transformation innovation.