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What Is Ainotam

The name Ainotam comes from words  “AI” and “NOTAM” with two layers of meaning:

First of all, Notam means “brand” in Latin. We hope to help brandowners achieve the best marketing applications with AI technology.

Second, NOTAM is the abbreviation of “Notice to Airman”, namely the  information the airport provides for the pilot before takeoff.

Thanks to this information, the pilot can navigate the aircraft safely and accurately.

What We Do

These two meanings show that we use AI as the core to help customers extract and refine useful information from the enormous digital signal to formulate effective marketing strategies.

This will in turn improve brand efficiency, optimize advertising, as well as strengthening the contribution and performance of the marketing staff.

We believe that AI technology can unleash the power of data to provide customers with marketing products and services with better efficiency, performance and profitability in terms of both marketing strategy and optimized implementation.

Our Team

Ainotam members have a wealth of digital marketing industry knowledge, as well as strong AI, cloud technology strength.
Committed to providing effective MarTech solutions for media agency and media reseller.


Spencer Liu


Spencer Liu is one of the few veteran entrepreneurs in Taiwan; he is a founding member of “market.yam” for Yam Digital, which was the first wave of Taiwanese Internet miracles.

Spencer holds an EMBA degree of National Taiwan University; he specializes in Cloud service, big data, business development, and is highly experienced in IoT.

Ainotam-Vice President of Sales_James

James Kao

Vice President of Sales

James Kao owns decades of experience in sales, marketing, operating and strategic management.

James holds an MBA in Strategic Marketing, University of Hull, UK. James had worked in EF, WSI, Yahoo!Taiwan dedicating to sales, marketing, and operation development in Asia-pacific region.

Ainotam Genereal Manager_Jason

Jason Chen


With more than 20 years of experience in media communications, crossing a variety of fields such as TV program production, product marketing and media agency.

Jason dedicate to supporting the marketing and advertising industry to leverage marketing technology and create a better business future.  



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