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We believe More Intelligence, Greater Business Result. 

In the data-driven and AI-powered era, Ainotam as a Martech company, wants to explore every possibilities to further leverage marketing technology and create a better business future.


Feedlio is image processing API, which classify and modify images to comply with Google shopping policies and online consumers’ requirements to products illustration. 
Powered by AI, worry-free solution for marketers by marketers. 

How Feedlio Works?
Modify images in few seconds!


Step1. Feedlio classify images into approved and rejected.


Step 2. Feedlio specify reasons of rejected images with recommendation of no further usage.


Step 3. Feedlio modify images with detected logos/text to make them online shopping campaigns ready.


Our Team


Spencer Liu is one of the few veteran entrepreneurs in Taiwan; he is a founding member of “market.yam” for Yam Digital, which was the first wave of Taiwanese Internet miracles.

Spencer holds an EMBA degree of National Taiwan University; he specializes in Cloud service, big data, business development, and is highly experienced in IoT.

With more than 20 years of experience in media communications, crossing a variety of fields such as TV program production, product marketing and media agency.

As Ainotam GM, Jason dedicate to supporting the marketing and advertising industry to leverage marketing technology and create a better business future.  

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