Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy provisions (hereinafter referred to as “This Policy”) have been formulated by Ainotam Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Ainotam”). This Policy governs the collection, processing and use of your personal information by Ainotam.
Please read this policy carefully to safeguard your rights and interests when browsing the Ainotam website or utilizing the services provided by Ainotam. If you disagree with any parts of this policy, please discontinue use of this website and Ainotam services immediately. By continuing to use this website and Ainotam services, you agree to all the relevant regulations set forth in this Policy.

I、 Scope of application

This policy shall be applicable to the following users and data:

1. Users browsing the Ainotam website and cloud space;
2. Users who have adopted or subscribed to Ainotam services or have been authorized by Ainotam to use its services and cloud space;
3.Data generated or provided to Ainotam by the aforementioned users in the process of browsing or utilizing Ainotam services.

II、 Purpose of collection of personal user data

Data collection purposes include the following:

1. Contact between Ainotam and its users;
2. Establishment of payment channels between users and Ainotam;
3. Marketing of Ainotam services and provision of advertising tailored to user needs;
4. Collection and analysis of data on service usage conditions of Ainotam users to facilitate optimization of service technologies, development of new products and technologies, or diagnosis and troubleshooting for technical issues reported by users;
5. Other uses to enhance customer service experiences.

(Legal codes for the aforementioned purposes include the following: 067 Credit card, cash card, transfer card or electronic instrument certificate business, 090 Consumer, customer management and service, 091 Consumer protection, 098 Business and technology information, 135 Information (communication) services, 136 Information (communication) and database management, 152 Advertisement or business management, 157 Investigation, statistics and research analysis, 181 Other registered businesses or businesses as provided in the Articles of Incorporation)

III、 Personal data categories

Ainotam collects the following types of personal information from its users:

1.Personal identification data
For instance, names, e-mail addresses, mobile numbers, addresses, electronic signatures
2. Payment related data
For instance, bank account information, credit card numbers, and other relevant information
3. Data generated during the use of Ainotam services or browsing of the Ainotam website
For instance, IP locations, cookie records, Ainotam website or service login times, usage/space related data generated during the use of Ainotam services

(Legal codes for the aforementioned categories include the following: C001 Personal identification, C002 Financial identification, C035 Leisure activity and interest, C036 Lifestyle, C093 Financial transactions)

IV、 Data usage periods, areas, parties, and methods

1. Ainotam utilizes or processes personal information of users and adopts the appropriate security and protection measures to ensure proper management of personal information during continued website or service operations. Personal information of users is processed and utilized in areas of actual operations or service provision.
2. Ainotam will not disclose personal information of users to any third parties without prior authorization or consent of the user. Ainotam may however share non-personally identifiable information with third parties upon de-identification, reorganization, and editing. Ainotam collects, stores and utilizes personal information of users in digital form.

V、 User rights

1. Users may exercise the following rights conferred by the Personal Information Protection Act:
。Inquiry and request for a review of the personal information;
。Request to make duplicates of the personal information;
。Request to supplement or correct the personal information;
。Request to discontinue collection, processing or utilizing of personal information;
。Request to delete the personal information.
2. Where users wish to exercise the aforementioned rights, they shall submit written requests to the contact person(s) stipulated in this Policy. Ainotam shall be authorized to verify whether or not the users who submit such requests are the parties of whom personal information have been collected. Where it cannot be established upon reasonable assessment that they are such parties, Ainotam shall be authorized to refuse their requests.
3. Where users exercise the rights stipulated in this article, Ainotam shall be authorized to charge reasonable processing fees in accordance with the contents of submitted requests.
4. Users may exercise the aforementioned rights at any time. If users choose not to provide personal information or request the deletion of such information, Ainotam may be unable to continue the provision of services. Under these circumstances, Ainotam shall be authorized to terminate part or all of its services provided to said user in accordance with relevant provisions or the actual conditions of service provision.

VI、 Other matters

1. After users choose to adopt Ainotam services, they shall safeguard and prevent improper use of usernames and passwords configured by themselves or Ainotam on their behalf. Where intentional or negligent conduct leads to leakage of usernames and passwords, Ainotam shall bear no responsibility for leakage or use of personal information caused thereby.
2. Hyperlinks or service contents provided by third parties on the Ainotam website or via its services are not managed or operated by Ainotam. Users are advised to gain a clear understanding of said websites or service providers, relevant user terms and conditions, and privacy policies before they view, access, or use these websites and services which do not lie within the application scope of this Policy. Ainotam does not collect personal information of users for third-party websites or services and bears no legal responsibility for relevant contents.
3. Contact person(s)
Should you have any questions regarding this Policy, please contact Ainotam in one of the following ways:
Tel : +886-2-2757-6067
Email : [email protected]
4. Ainotam reserves the right to update this Policy at any time subject to notification of its users. Users may raise objections with Ainotam within 7 days upon receipt of update notifications. Where users fail to raise objections as stipulated, updated contents shall become effective as of the date of notification.

VII、 Applicable laws and resolution of disputes

1. Interpretation, applicability, and validity of this Policy shall be based on R.O.C. laws.
2. Both parties agree that the local district court where the Ainotam is located shall be the first instance court of jurisdiction for any disputes arising out of this Policy unless other relevant agreements exist between Ainotam and its users regarding the provision of these services.


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